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Experienced New York State appeals and Of Counsel attorney offers Family Court legal advice and appellate services. Appeals offered for Third Department only. Of Counsel legal advice available throughout New York State. Father’s rights cases welcome. Free consultation. Located in Binghamton, New York.
Catherine Stuckart

Family Law Appeals

Do you want to change a Family Court, Child Custody or Divorce Court Order? Or do you need to defend an Order someone else is trying to change? You need the assistance of an appeals lawyer. As a long-time appeals attorney, I can help you with either one of these situations. Appeals are all I do. Before my appeals practice, I worked in a Family Court at the trial level for three years, and have since done many Family Law appeals. For a free consultation about your case, please call or email. (See Contact page).

General Appeals

I have handled appeals in many different areas of law. These include: wills and estates, personal injury, traffic tickets, business and contracts, insurance law, securities, and even an international treaty.
Two of my general appeal wins have been featured on the front page of New York's leading newspaper for lawyers.
For a free consultation about your case, please call or email. (See Contact page).

How It Works

I take only New York State appeals. You will receive a free consultation in person or over the telephone. I am retained only, and work throughout New York State. If we both agree to have me do your appeal, I will quote you a flat, reasonable fee and estimate expenses in your case. After that, I will keep you posted on the progress of your appeal. Hire experience!  

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